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Berns Accounting


Tax Advisory


Commissioner Guillermo L. Parayno, Jr. issued a WARNING to business establishment that are not complying with the registration, invoicing and bookkeeping requirements. 



CROSSROADS Treatment and Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization for drug addicts/substance abusers. It was duly registered by Securities and Exchange Commission on August 17, 1999 and has been duly accredited by the Department of Health of the Philippines.



WELCOME to Itacder! We are educating the tribes about their ancestral rights, how to protect and nurture it, without losing their tribal culture. We hope to help them enhance and cultivate their belief in a sovereign Almighty to preserve the world and the environment around them.



CMI started as a sole proprietorship on January 2002. From just a customs brokerage company, it was then formed as a Logistics Company with the Security and Exchange Commission in March 2003.


Kibi’s Halo-Halo Pinoy Classified Ads is an advertising portal that caters primarily to Filipinos both locally and abroad. The site was launch mid-October, 2010 born of the need to promote local Philippine products and services online. Free ads which is most Pinoys are fond of, is one major component of the website.

Charms and Crystals


Charms and Crystals Japan is an international manufacturer specializing in precious gemstones for export worldwide since 2006. Jewelry, just like everything surrounding people, can influence the owner’s finances, career, relations, and other significant aspects of life in a positive or a negative way. This is especially true in relation to jewelry with gemstones.



Digimage Enterprises Inc. is a direct importer and retailer of digital printing supplies. We have a complete line of Photopapers of cast coated and resin coated type. Our complete lines of inks are Dye, Ultra violet Dye ink which is sunlight resistance, Pigment ink which is waterproof on all kinds of paper, suitable for decals and t-shirt heat transfer paper.



AqualiPure Water Systems and Equipment, Inc. is a business firm existing under virtue of the Laws of The Republic of the Philippines since 2001. We are engaged in distributing the latest technology in state-of-the-art Bottling Plant Equipment, high-quality Reverse Osmosis parts and components, water filters, Ionized Alkaline Machines

Fixmaster Electronics



Fixmaster Electronics is one of the leading Industrial Electronics Repair solutions Company serving various areas all over the Philippines. We provide the best Industrial Electronics Repair Services.

We give you innovative solutions tailored to your needs to ensure competitiveness and technical superiority.

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